Stephane Rangaya

Former Radio Host at Live9, he started Newsroom with the goal of helping journalists inform their readers.
Posted on November 6, 2018

The next decade

When I turned 30 about six months ago, I sat down in the garden at my parents house, looking over the city of Cherbourg, thinking about the earliest memories I could possibly remember. Most of them…
I recently went to a meet-up about online harassment targeting journalists and it allowed me to think about this and the things we can do at Newsroom to help journalists dealing with this issue.
Posted on June 7, 2018

Thoughts on online harassment of journalists and how Newsroom can help

Harassment of journalists is nothing new. History has shown us this harassment is often a side effect of being told the truth: some won’t like it and rather than take steps to create a better reality, they might believe intimidating others is the right way to solve their internal conflict. They’re obviously wrong.
What is new is that the Internet allows harassment to be taken to an all-new level.
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